FORM 5: The following form is for submitting information about your pet or show cat or any Maine Coon Polydactyl.  The cat or kitten must be a registered Maine Coon Polydactyl (Note the individual cat need not be registered if the litter was registered by the breeder or both Sire and Dam are registered).  Please answer all the questions if you can, however not all information is required.  We would be more than happy to assist you.  Thank You for submitting your special MC Poly to our database and we look forward to sharing information about your cat with cat lovers from all over the world. 

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  9. Registration Number & Registry(s) (Please note if number and Registry(s) is for the cat or for the litter registered by the breeder.  If neither are available then enter "Not Available" and make certain that both the Cat's Sire and Dam are registered).

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  11. Pawpeds Link (if available---if not you may use Pawpeds  test mating for cat's parents).


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