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August, 2010

A Worldwide Study to Begin!
Genetic Clarification of Polydactyly With Respect to the Semi-Lethal Factor

The University of Bern Institute of Genetics has declared itself ready, under the lead of Dr. Bianca Haase, to carry out a research project into the "Genetic Clarification of Polydactyly With Respect to the Semi-Lethal Factor ". Research funds for this have been already granted.

To achieve a representative result, the research project needs the help of as large number as possible of breeders and cat lovers who are in possession of parents and offspring of polydactyl cats.

The research team will develop a form which will contain all information that is important for pet owners, which samples are needed, where to send these and other necessary information about the animal. This link will open to the public and inserted here as soon as we have it available. This form should then be sent to the Institute together with a sample. It would be important to receive not only blood samples from polydactyl cats, but also "normal" Maine Coons for this investigation. The ideal situation would be if the genetic material of whole cat family, in which there are both "normal" as well as "polydactyl" cats, could be sent. Research may begin once a sufficient amount of samples have been received.

We respectfully ask all owners of these cats to support us in the fight for the recognition of the polys. If the genetic evidence provided shows that the Semi-Lethal Factor has been wrongly applied to polydactyl cats, then the next step would be the removal of polydactyl Maine Coons from the appropriate paragraphs of the animal protection laws. Thus breeding and exhibition of these beautiful cats would at last be legal / legally possible.

October 13, 2009  The Group PolyStandard has submitted their Application to TICA to have the Maine Coon poly advanced to Championship Status.  If sucessful TICA will be the 2nd major Cat Association in the World to accord equal status to the MC poly.  The Application contained "Rationale" to support their request for acceptance.  This "Rationale" contains a lot of factual information about the MC poly along with many refences for further study.  We think you will find this article interesting and very educational.  You can view it by clicking HERE!
September, 2009  PolyTrak surpasses:  25,000,000 (FIFTEEN MILLION)  successful requests.  Over 2.4  million  pages viewed by nearly 21,000 people makes PolyTrak  the number one Worldwide source for polydactyl Maine Coon information.  
October 13  PolyTrak surpasses:  15,000,000 (FIFTEEN MILLION)  successful requests.  Over 2.4  million  pages viewed by nearly 21,000 people makes PolyTrak  the number one Worldwide source for polydactyl Maine Coon information.  
June 26  PolyTrak surpasses:  12,000,000 (TWELVE MILLION)  successful requests.  Over two  million  pages viewed by over 17,000 people makes PolyTrak  the number one Worldwide source for polydactyl Maine Coon information.  
March 24  PolyTrak would like to direct your attention to a PolyStandard's page regarding an urgent appeal for help with a formal proposal to TICA to have the Maine Coon polydactyl accepted for Championship Status in the show rings of TICA around the world.  This is the day that many have been aspiring to for many years.  The group needs both support and money to make this happen in the short and expensive times frames allotted to them.  They are for help from any that desire to see the MC poly in the championship rings.  You can read more on the history of this goal over the years and submit question, comments or donations by visiting their page at:  PolyStandard Acceptance.  PolyTrak urges you to visit this page and support a worthy cause.  Another form of contribution is the sale of PolyTrak/PolyStandard merchadise that is offered for sale by Cafe Press.  Part of the proceeds from these sales will be used for application costs by the Group.   Thank You.  
March 17  PolyTrak has rearranged its display of Kittens listed in our Kitten (Litter) Summary Table.  Previously kittens were listed from oldest to newest.  We have reversed that order now so that you may easily view the latest additions to the Kitten Table easily.  Now the Kittens will begin on Page 1 with the latest Litter entries by Date of Birth.  Sire and Dams listed for litter tracking as well as Heritage Cats and Fancier cats will remain sorted as before.  These cats appear in our Summary lists as alphabetical by the actual name of the cat without regard to prefixes or suffixes.   For example a registered cat named:  Mycattery Fluffy of YourCattery would be listed alphabetically under "F" for the actual name "Fluffy"
March 14  PolyTrak has renamed and redesigned it Poly Supporter Page.  You may access this List by clicking on the "Poly Supporter" button on the left.  This is an older list that was maintained by another website.  We would like to have you join this NEW list, if you are not already there.  We will soon have a short online submission form to fill out, but for now you may just drop us a line at info@polytrak.net.  Please include your name or Cattery and a website link if available.  If you do not have a website you may include your email address or have none listed.  It is your choice.  This list is for ALL poly lovers.  You may be a breeder, fancier or just a supporter of the "POLY".  
January 27  PolyTrak surpasses:  9,000,000 (NINE MILLION)  successful requests.  A million and a half  pages viewed by nearly 12,000 people makes PolyTrak  the number one Worldwide source for polydactyl Maine Coon information.  
January 4 (2008)  PolyTrak closes out another banner year.  We have now served over 11 Thousand individual visitors that have visited at least once.  This translates into over 8 Million successful requests in the form of 1.4 million pages containing over 100 Billion bytes of information.  We thank all of you for the confidence you have placed in PolyTrak for accurate unbiased information on the Maine Coon polydactyl cat.  
December 7  The PolyTrak newsletter "Paws for Effect" circulation has doubled since its inaugural issue in January of this year.  If you would like to receive a free electronic copy near the first of each month, just click on the Newsletter Button on the left of this page.  Add your email address and submit to become a subscriber.  NOTE:   Your email address will not be stored on the PolyTrak site and will be held in private.  It will not be shared with anyone outside of PolyTrak without prior permission.
November 29  PolyTrak has additional links in the Sire, Dam & Litter Tables of our database.  These were added to make your surfing quicker and much easier.   From any Sire or Dam listing you may now click on "Offspring" to see a listing of all kittens in our database that were parented by this breeder.  You may also click on the Cattery Name to go detailed information about the breeder.  On the Kitten details pages links are now available to the Cattery/Breeder and also to the Sire and Dam for this kitten.
October 16  The beginning of our expanded Heritage Section is now published on PolyTrak.  Much more is to be added, but for now you can view a summary list of cats in the Heritage Table.  Each entry has a detail link on the right where you may have a more detailed look at that particular cat, including offspring and parental listings.  You may reach this page by clicking on Heritage above or the Database Button on the left.
October 14  PolyTrak along with  Poly Standards gang will be represented at the Cats & Tulips Cat Club show to be held in Hellevoetsluis in The Netherlands on November 10th & 11th.  3 PolyTrak Staff members will be on hand for information and discussion during the 2 day show.  We hope to see many of you there.  There will be more details in our monthly newsletter, "Paws for Effect" in early November.  This show is hoped to be the largest representation of poly Maine Coons shown in TICA New Traits to date.  
October 11  PolyTrak surpasses:  7,000,000 (SEVEN MILLION)  successful requests.  In a year and a half  PolyTrak  keep adding to its popularity.   More and more breeders and fanciers are listing with PolyTrak as the resurgence of the poly MC grows.  Thank you for the  confidence that you have placed in us as a worldwide leading provider of Maine Coon Polydactyl information. 
August 15  A New PolyTrak Staff member.  Miriam Muller of  Cattery Siduroy has graciously accepted a volunteer position with us.  She will be aiding Kitty in the Heritage section of PolyTrak and doing doing research in line tracing of the "Polys of the Past".  Welcome Miriam your knowledge and expertise will a great asset to PolyTrak and to the visitor or our website.
July 2  PolyTrak reaches:  5,000,000 (FIVE MILLION)  successful requests. That is a lot of mouse clicks.  In 16 months of operation PolyTrak has seen expediential growth and support.  It shows a great resurgence of the popularity of the Maine Coon polydactyl and we are proud to be a small part in the understanding and acceptance of this GREAT cat.  Thank you for the  confidence that you have placed in us as a worldwide leading provider of Maine Coon Polydactyl information.  
February 17  PolyTrak reaches:  3,000,000 (THREE MILLION)  successful requests. As we approach our 1 year anniversary and we look back at the past year, we are very grateful for the support and assistance provided by many and for your loyal patronage on PolyTrak.  Thank you for the  confidence that you have placed in us as a worldwide leading provider of Maine Coon Polydactyl information.  
January 31  Would like to learn about some great Maine Coon Polydactyl Cats and have fun at the same time?   We have a new feature: A polydactyl jigsaw puzzle with some interesting facts about the cat.  Click Here to relax and have a little fun.  These will change from time to time so check back often to see what great poly is featured!
January 02  PolyTrak is offering a monthly newsletter to all that would like to receive THE POLYTRAK NEWS.  This periodic update will feature news of the PolyTrak Service as well analysis and findings that we are discovering here and from the research community.  We will be drawing on a variety of resources  and urge anyone who can contribute information or articles to submit them to PolyTrak.  A variety of subjects will be featured and we solicit suggestions of what you would like to see published.  If you would like to be added to our mailing list or just have a question or comment you may Click Here.  We at PolyTrak Thank you for your support and confidence that you have placed in us as a worldwide leading provider of Maine Coon Polydactyl information.  
November 27  PolyTrak reaches a new milestone!  2,000,000 (TWO MILLION)  successful requests have been processed by our servers for visitors to this site.  We at PolyTrak Thank you for your support and confidence that you have placed in us as a worldwide leading provider of Maine Coon Polydactyl information.  
November 21  With the larger number of kittens and cats coming into our database from around the world, PolyTrak has added a new kitten sorting page that allows you to search through all of the kittens in the litter tracking portion by  various criteria.  In addition there is recap at the top of the page showing various totals and percentages of kittens' traits such as gender, number of poly paws and more.  You may view this page by clicking on the Database Button at the left and going to the new text link for litter sorting.  Or you may just CLICK HERE!
September 23  The MCPI Group recently had a get-together in both Woerden Holland and in Hannover Germany in conjunction with two T.I.C.A sanctioned Cat Show.  MCPI members from Canada, The United States, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark attended.  Polydactyl Maine Coons were shown in the New Traits Section....judged and awarded ribbons.  A show report, results and pictures are available on PolyTrak.   CLICK HERE to check it out.  A great group having a lot of fun and providing exposure of the Maine Coon Polydactyl to people in Europe.  
September 21  PolyTrak would like to announce a second promotional merchandise site for MCPI merchandise with logo.  This second site is headquartered  in Great Britain and can be used economically by people in the European area...thus saving some shipping and customs fees for many.  Purchase your MCPI items today!  Proceeds will be donated to MCPI to help fund the preservation and acceptance of the Maine Coon Polydactyl. Thanks to Beryl for providing this service.  You may visit the European site at:  http://www.mcpi.spreadshirt.net.  The North American site is:  http://www.cafepress.com/mcpi.
September 9  PolyTrak reaches a new milestone!  1,000,000 (ONE MILLION)  successful requests have been processed by our servers to visitors to this site.  We at PolyTrak Thank you for your support and confidence that you have placed in us as a worldwide leading provider of Maine Coon Polydactyl information.  
August 7  Polytrak would like to bring to your attention an MCPI  petition regarding planned measures against the polydactyl cats residing at the Hemmingway House  in Florida. CLICK HERE to learn more of this attempt by MCPI and cat lovers of the world to aid in this cause in behalf of The Hemmingway cats.
August 2  PolyTrak would like to announce another great new polydactyl resource site just published on the web.  Suzan Grindell of Mainelymagic Maine Coons has assembled a great deal of background and information on the Maine Coon Polydactyl.  CLICK HERE to visit the site or go to our links page to check out this new resource.
July 31  PolyTrak has completed the Fancier Pet Display portion of the database.  To see these special Maine Coon Polydactyls (with pictures) click on the Database button on the left and select the Fancier's listing.  This give you a brief summary listing of these Polys or you may CLICK HERE to visit this page. We hope you enjoy this section and join us with your submission and anyone you know with a "MC Polydactyl"..
July 27  PolyTrak has added a link on our links page to Ormedons Cattery's new poly breeder listing.  CLICK HERE to visit this page to find geographical listings of Poly breeders by Country throughout the World. The link and graphic are also on our links page by clicking on the Link button on the left.
July 25  IT'S HERE!!!!   The all new Fancier Pet DataBase is ready for entries.  This is a new fun area of our site that allows all Maine Coon Polydactyl Owners to share with the world their special poly joy.  This area is for all Maine Coon Poly owners....Pets...Show Cats...Retired Breeders...Kittens....or any MC Polydactyl as long as it is a registered Maine Coon.  Even if you are part of our litter tracking sections you may re-enter here if you like.  We would love to have pictures and log all of the Maine Coon Polys everywhere in the world.  Submit your entry today.  CLICK HERE to go to the submission form or click on the Submit Button on the left.  If you desire we can email you a form for entering your information.  Just email info@polytrak.net and request the Fancier Pet Email Submission Form.  
July 21 PolyTrak & Dr. Leslie Lyons and staff will be working together for collection of DNA testing swabs for testing of Maine Coon Polydactyls.  Click HERE for more details.
July 9  PolyTrak would like to announce a new promotional merchandise site for MCPI.  This site: (http://www.cafepress.com/mcpi) was setup to help raise funds for the promotion and acceptance of the Maine Coon Polydactyl in the show rings worldwide.  Order your customized MCPI merchandise now and tell all your friends.  You are helping to support a great cause in behalf of the "POLY". A special thanks to Beryl for setting this up and for the donation of time to help this cause!
June 14 PolyTrak is beginning to provide display of information on our site in a slightly different format.  A second, but we feel more user friendly, method of providing summary listing with the ability to click on a link to go a page with much more detail for a particular listing.  Also many of the tables have, and are being redesigned for better readability.  This project will take some time, but until everything is converted over, all information will be viewable in its present format.
April 25-06  The kitten and litter portion of the database is now viewable from the database button on the left.
April 23-06 Chat room features have been installed on PolyTrak for use by members and others.  Click here for details.
April 22-06  List of Catteries,  Maine Coon Dams and Sires participating in the Litter Tracking Database were added to the database section.
March 30-06 Downloadable logos for PolyTrak added to Links page
March 29-06 Submission pages updated to reflect request for registry & colour
March 23-06  New Polytrak Website is officially launched!  Welcome All!
March 12-06 PolyTrak announces standardized toe name convention for database.  { Click for details}

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