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I.  News Archives (Previous news announcements regarding PolyTrak).
II. The Edinburgh Study A reprint of the Article from the Oxford Journals citing identification of 3 new variants of the polydactyl gene in felines all of which were noted:  "that this type of polydactyly has no further detrimental affect on the cat's health."  Accepted as of December, 2007. {Source:  Oxford Journal - }

III. PolyStandard Rationale for Acceptance of the Maine Coon poly. A factual look at genetic studies of the Maine Coon poly and history of the movement to have the poly placed in show rings with Championship status. 

IV.  History of the Maine Coon polydactyl for acceptance in the show ring for championship status.

V.   DNA Test Swabs (Polytrak & UC, Davis working together for collection of DNA swabs for free testing of Polydactyl MC's.

VIDigit Definitions (PolyTrak standardized definitions of Feline digits for database reporting purposes).  

.VII  America's Yankee Heritage  (The Maine Coon Polydactyl - A part of America's Yankee Heritage by Janet Marr. 
VIII.  Puzzles  Need a little down time to relax?  Do you still need your Poly fix?  How about doing both?  An online jigsaw puzzle that features one of the great Maine Coon Polydactyls listed in our records.  
.IX.  How many Digits?  A detailed analysis of polydactyl expressions taken from submitted data from the kitten and litter table by Vonne Bode.  A breakdown of the number of digits per paw and how common the various expressions might be.   

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