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Below you will see a list of Jig-Saw Puzzles featuring cat and kittens from our database.  We will be adding new puzzles on a regular basis, so check back often.  Below most puzzles is a listing of the featured cat or kitten with interesting background information on this Maine Coon Polydactyl.  Relax and spend some fun time with us.  Below are several great cats and fun jig saw puzzles for your enjoyment.  
UpperValley Silverfoot P
Wackeymoon Coons Intrepid P* Bear & MainelyMagic Hocus P. Pocus

TLC Polycoons Mr. Lightning - The Dangerous Tiger

The Polychinelle Gang - To Be Young Again
Liscoonvarna P. Jayvyn of Funtimes 
Durango of Denmark
Upper Valley Zephyr
Buddha (a.k.a Davy P Crocket)
Indian P. Summer of van Siduroy
TLC Polycoons Annie P Oakley from Vaskebjorn
Watercoons Harald Blaatand P from Nova's Place
Magic Craft's Just P. For Me
Pantahduc's Jingle Bells P. of Peppermountz

Wackymoon Coon's Walking Tall P.
Coonplay - Best Bed in Town
Wackymoon Coon Great Fire P of Rascals
DK Lykken - Silkhead
Balla Coi Lupi Bella P of Coon Casa
Dances with Wolves P. Phantom

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