Davy P. Crockett
COLOUR: Black Silver Mackerel  


GENDER: Male DATE of Birth: 2006-11-21
OWNER: Winnie Scheffmann & Hugo Mulder
LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
REGISTRY(S): Not Available
SIRE: Jarnac Un G Rico P Poly
DAM: Charisma Vom Silverlake NonPoly
PawPeds Link: Link to Pedigree or Parent's Mating
REMARKS: Buddha is a very intelligent, naughty cat. We call him Buddha the Wise. He has a very curious coloured coat. He is Black Silver Mackerel, but to look at his back he almost looks like a smoke. He is very intense black with a beautiful silver underneath. He is faster than light and likes to play fetch. Also he knows exactly where the sweets are. He is poly on all 4 paws, 4WD, toe formation 6,6,5,5.


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